We love people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty!  There is definitely plenty of work to do and as our sanctuary grows, there will be more and more work.  We are working to set up volunteer opportunities. We plan to welcome everyone from those who would like to volunteer on a regular basis, to those who would prefer to help with a one-time task, such as spring clean up of the pastures or helping with a project specific task. We will also gladly welcome those who do not like to get their hands dirty, but would like to volunteer in other ways. Despite your interest level or ability, if you are willing to volunteer, we are very thankful! 

Please complete the Volunteer Interest Form and Application found using the link below and email it back to us at info@faunahaven.com

Thank you SO MUCH for your interest in volunteering at Fauna Haven Animal Sanctuary!!  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Here’s what the daily routine entails:


Feed Hershey and Sally hay and check their water;

Open the goat/sheep gate, give them hay and check their water, some clean up;

Feed the pigs, give them hay, check their water and poop pick up throughout their pasture;

Chicken coop and run clean up, feed them and refill water.


Afternoon (usually sometime around 3 to 4pm):

Move Hershey and Sally to middle paddock (requires two people), clean their stall, clean poop in their paddock behind the barn;

Give chickens a snack (if won’t be free ranging – for their safety, we only free range them on evenings when we can sit out with them for 45 minutes to an hour before dusk. This way they go in on their own and put themselves to bed. Free ranging other than this can result in loss of life due to predators and we aren’t okay with that);

Check on pigs/goats/sheep, say hi to everyone and check their water.



Move Hershey and Sally back and feed them dinner;

Close the goat/sheep gate and give them hay;

Feed the pigs dinner.


Once per month we do a full clean out of the goat/sheep stalls and area in front of their barn.


One-time volunteer opportunities would include things such as: spring clean up of pastures picking up branches and raking black walnuts; helping to build things or repair things as necessary; once per month mucking of the goat/sheep area; adding sand/rock to places as necessary, etc.  These will be as needed and less often.


We would also appreciate anyone who would like to help, but not in person. We are always looking for grant opportunities, fundraising opportunities, ideas for growing social media, etc.


 Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  Call or text Joy at 434-227-6249 or email us at info@faunahaven.com.  


Again, thank you for your interest!!!