Here at Fauna Haven Animal Sanctuary, we have big dreams and aspirations.  We are presently situated on 20 acres of land in beautiful Greene County, VA. We aim to make the most of the property to the best of our abilities and rescue as many animals as possible while ensuring that all of our Fauna Haven Animal Sanctuary Family are comfortable, happy and able to thrive.  Along with the basic, every day needs of our animals and any emergency medical needs, your donations will also be helping us to reach our goals of being able to rescue many more precious animals.

Here are some of the things we would like to do:Add additional fenced paddock near large barn to accommodate other equine;

Add shelter to the presently unused, but recently constructed large pasture adjoining the pig pasture. This will allow for the rescue of other larger animals, such as cows.

*  Add a new shelter and utility, along with additional fencing to create separated space for incoming animals.

*  Add fencing to open field adjoining the big barn. This would provide additional  acreage for equine grazing and  enable single person to ‘turn out’  Hershey, Sally, and future rescues to pasture (currently two people are needed to walk them to the middle paddock). Additionally, this work will include adding internal fencing off of the first stall to support temporary segregation for a new arrival and if needed, a safe environment for a new friend to rest or heal. 

*  Add an additional housing area next to chickens for potential ability to rescue other feathered who require their own digs! Such as turkeys, ducks or geese.

*  Construct a run-in shed within the middle paddock area to provide a safe, area with shelter for temporary placement of animals (such as Hershey and Sally while we add a French drain to their behind the barn paddock area to improve drainage and address erosion issues).

*  Add overhang to back of big barn to provide a larger dry area for Hershey, Sally, and future friends to eat when the weather is bad yet hanging out in a stall is boring. 

*  Add additional pig houses in the future to increase capacity for rescuing more pigs.

* Fence and construct supporting structures to take advantage of additional, wooded areas of the property.

*  Expand! Potentially purchase additional land from neighboring property to increase ability to rescue more animals while still providing large areas for them to roam and live happily and healthy. 

These are just our initial thoughts as we begin our journey. As Fauna Haven Animal Sanctuary grows, it is likely our goals and visions may change based on what animals in need come our way.